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Ridiculously Gigantic Lavashak Sheets

You could call it fruit leather or a fruit roll-up. But we wouldn't. Neither of those things hold a candle to one of the greatest snacks to come out of the amazing catalog of Persian foods: Lavashak. And THIS Lavashak comes in a size that we can only describe as "comically large" and "literally over a half pound of lavashak, what the heck??"

Enormous piles of fruit are cooked down and laid out in the sun until they become thin, delicious sheets of sweet, tangy joy. And there's no added sugar. At 40 calories a serving, it's the perfect guilt-free flavor bomb.

Here are your options:

Cornelian Cherry: A rare treat! Fresh cornelian cherries are not available in the USA, but imagine sour cherries crossed with cranberries, and you're halfway there. 

Barberry: These tiny berries a tart delight, with an addictive flavor. If you're not sure which flavor to try, this is where to start. 

Pomegranate: Hey look, no seeds! Get all the flavor without carrying around a funny shaped bottle of juice.

Sour Cherry: Better cherry, 'nuff said. 

Sour Plum: You may know them as Gojeh, Greengage Plums, or prunella. Only available a month a year, Persians love them slightly underripe for their bright flavor and amazing crunch. Transformed into Lavashak, you can enjoy it year-round!

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not a regular lavashak sheet

these are bomb! super sour and amazing flavor. I tried zogholakhte and anaar and both beat my expectations by 100 miles.