What is lavashak?

Smooth. Sticky. Chewy. Fruity. A little sweet. Tart on the tongue. Sometimes salty. More than a little addictive. But you probably already know this.

What started centuries ago as a way for Persians to have fruit for the winter by drying and preserving it in the sun has become arguably one of the most enduring and nostalgic food memories for Persian people, old and young, as well as the millions of members of the Persian diaspora living all over the world and their communities.

And now you don't need to sneak into your grandmother's pantry to get your lavashak, or hunt it down at some specialty store 50 miles away, because we'll bring it to you with your very own Lavashak Lovers monthly subscription—a taste of childhood, arriving every month at your doorstep.

Our Lavashak taste team will curate an assortment of delicious, fruity flavors for each monthly box, sourcing varieties you may not be able to find anywhere else.