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Heaven in a box

You know that feeling when your Memejoon (grandma) and Bomas (grandpa) visits from Iran and they opens up their big suitcase and it just smells like the mother land? And you patiently wait for the only thing you requested (lavashak) and they hand you that big bag you’ve been waiting all year for? Lavashak has somehow brought that incredible flavor into our backyard here in California. The story is inspiring but more importantly the Lavashak is QUALITY. The packaging makes it feel like a Christmas gift. Super delicious stuff and really reminds me of my grandparents which gives me such a nostalgic good feeling. Thank you Lavashak I love the box and will definitely be ordering more.

Little box and so many products!

I saw Lavashak boxes first on Instagram and I thought to give it a try. Honestly, when I opened the box I couldn't imagine that many products can fit in a little box! My box included 7 big pieces of Lavashak, Torshak, Aloocheh, plus some small lavashak bites and a free mask. I received my package with a bit of delay but all worthed it. Thank you 😍


I subscribed just out of curiosity and the box was fxxxing awesome. lots of fruit leathers and even a mask as a surprise.
I've already told all my colleagues about you. Keep up the good work.